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Support for secure sharing of diabetes data

Scandinavia’s largest diabetes clinic, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, and The Danish Diabetes Association support project MyPCH for secure and fair sharing of diabetes data.
Read more on website: Support.

MyData Operator

MyData Operator 2020 Awards

The MyData Operator 2020 Award recognises Diabetes Services and OwnYourData as operators of human-centric infrastructure for personal data management and sharing. It acknowledges organisations that place the individual at the centre of personal data about them, ensuring that they are the prime beneficiary of the use of this data and providing tools to help them manage personal data.
Read more on websites: MyData Operators, Diabetes Services and OwnYourData.


Data Interoperability

MyData Health article by 14 individuals from 9 countries around the 6 MyData principles. The article is available on the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) journal website – see section “Data Interoperability” and “Establishing trust between stakeholders for health data use” for example use cases of Semantic Containers.
Read more on website: EMWA journal.


Diabetes Data Processing

Data flow for persons with diabetes to transfer their data to a Personal Data Store and perform a semantic query with SPARQL.
Read more on website: Diabetes Data Processing.


Semantics for diabetes data

The MyPCH project aims to develop methods and tools to allow persons with diabetes (PwD) to share their data using Semantic Container. As part of the process, we provide a mean to transform the raw JSON data of diabetes patients’ observation data into RDF. We define a MyPCH ontology for the PwD’s observation data based on the HL7-FHIR ontology for patient observation.
Read more on website: Semantic Annotation.


Sharing diabetes data is indispensable for success

Today, the services in the diabetes ecosystem do not support the personal data rights of individuals regarding data portability and interoperability and they are far from being transparent. The MyPCH project aims to empower people with diabetes to share data from self-monitoring devices like insulin pumps and CGM with doctors, researchers and others.
Read more on website: Sharing Data.


Digital watermarking for diabetes data

For Semantic Containers a digital watermark is a unique digital fingerprint that is applied to data provided by a semantic container, i.e. any data request results in a dataset with insignificant errors that uniquely identifies the recipient of the data set. In case such a data set is leaked and appears in an unintended location, the person who originally requested and leaked the data set can be identified.
Read more on website: Digital Watermarking.

MyData 2019

Sharing health data through Semantic Containers

Presentation "Sharing Health Data Through Semantic Containers" in the session "Cooperative Healthcare & Research" at the MyData 2019 Conference about how to get safe, secure, equitable circular data driven healthcare systems that benefit both patients and health professionals as well as researchers and citizens.
Read more on website: Healthcare & Research.



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